The “Engine of Economic Growth”: An Overview of Private Investment Policies, Trends, and Projects in Cambodia

Published By: Focus on Global South on eSS | Published Date: May , 2016

This paper aims to present an overview and analysis of the current investment landscape in Cambodia, as well as its impacts on people and the environment. It is hoped that the information contained here will both raise awareness about current investment trends and promote discussion among the various stakeholders interested in the current trajectory of Cambodia’s development. The paper begins with an overview of Cambodia’s policies on investment, followed by a summary of key elements of the regulatory framework. It then looks at nation wide investment trends and focuses on several key sectors, before going on to discuss how regional and international actors and agreements are shaping Cambodia’s investment climate. The final section reflects on the impacts of private investment in Cambodia. [FGS Report].

Author(s): Mark Grimsditch | Posted on: Jul 01, 2016 | Views() | Download (269)

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