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Current Affairs > India: Union and All Budgets
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Employment Generation in Difficult Times: Reflections on Kerala Budget
Despite high educational attaintments, educated unemployment is a worrying feature of Kerala. Some of the suggestions made by the Kerala Finance Minister are discussed below. The note suggests that tu...
Category: India: Union and All Budgets
by Rakkee Thimothy | On 02 Feb 2021
In the Long Run We are Dead, says Keynes Amen, says the Government!
This is a dreamy and populist Budget talking high numbers while missing out on empirical realities. The irony is that, looked at closely, it has neither pleased the free market theorists nor has it do...
Category: India: Union and All Budgets
by K.R. Shyam Sundar | On 09 Feb 2018
Invoking the Science ‘mantra’ Once Again
It is not surprising that science and technology finds important mention in the Economic Survey indicating that the upcoming Union Budget may well sharply increase spending on it. But it is disappoin...
Category: India: Union and All Budgets
by Tanisha Parihar | On 01 Feb 2018
Social Infrastructure: Way Forward
The tenth chapter of Economic Survey 2018 has sown that investments in social infrastructure and human development has paid off well. The policies and schemes have also been mentioned in detail. The g...
Category: India: Union and All Budgets
by Lakshmi Priya | On 31 Jan 2018
Budget in the Time of Demonetisation
Demonetisation is a weapon to stop the black money in the country. But cash is only a small portion of black money. Also the economy has been affected by this step. How will the government tackle this...
Category: India: Union and All Budgets
by Rakesh Mumbai | On 27 Jan 2017
Improving Farmers’ Income and Employment through Budget 2017
The 2017 Budget would be special in two ways – first, it would be presented by Finance Minister on 1st February, 2017. Usually, it was presented in the last week of February each year. It will give...
Category: India: Union and All Budgets
by Amarnath Tripathi | On 25 Jan 2017
Demonetisation: A Positive Effect on Budget to Channelise Nation's Growth Prospects
The aim of this article is to present that the Positive effect of demonetisation on upcoming budget for national growth. And demonetisation is one of the tools to be used for minimize the counterfeit...
Category: India: Union and All Budgets
by P Shekar | On 25 Jan 2017
Vehicular Pollution in Indian Cities: What can the Central Budget do?
Indian cities are facing the problem of severe air pollution and vehicles are a major source. The economically vibrant cities like Delhi, Bengaluru, Chennai, Hyderabad, Mumbai provide numerous job opp...
Category: India: Union and All Budgets
by Sudakshina Gupta | On 24 Jan 2017
Dealing with GST in the Union Budget 2017
Goods and Services Tax (GST) is a harmonized tax regime and it can curb black money through practicing clean "invoices" to redeem input credit. In the Union Budget 2017, central government may announc...
Category: India: Union and All Budgets
by Lekha Chakraborty | On 23 Jan 2017
Escalating Pollution Threats in Urbanising Indian Cities
Rapid urbanisation with an increase in urban population from 28.3% (in 1950) to 50% (in 2010) is witnessed in megacities in India. Urbanisation is one of the demographic issues in the 21st century and...
Category: India: Union and All Budgets
by Bharath H. Aithal | On 16 Jan 2017
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