World Habitat Day
2013 Urban Youth Fund Beneficiaries

7th October 2013 — Beneficiaries of the 2013 Urban Youth Fund will be unveiled on Monday in Mumbai, India as part of the celebrations marking this year’s World Habitat Day.

At the same time the inaugural announcement of successful applicants to the India Youth Fund Window will be made on the same day. Concurrently, the UN-Habitat will be launching the state of the Urban Youth, India report. In New York, the government of Brazil and UN-Habitat will be hosting an event at the General assembly that aims at strengthening youth participation in the UN.

Annually, the Urban Youth Fund gives youth led projects worldwide an opportunity to materialize their innovate ideas towards urbanization with the aim of indulging the youth in the UN-Habitat mandate.

This year, by the deadline of 15 April 2013, 8,449 applications from youth-led organizations in 129 countries had been received by the fund, Africa and Asia pacific/Arab regions yielded the largest number of successful applicants. Applications received went through a rigorous evaluation process, including a check of eligibility, a quality assessment, shortlisting, vetting by Habitat Programme Managers and a final selection of projects by the Steering Committee. The selected projects were then approved by the Advisory Committee.

Most of the projects are from the Africa region while Asia Pacific/Arab region and Latin America and Caribbean region share the same number of projects. A majority of the proposed projects aim at providing employment for young people living in cities. With special interest in this year’s cycle, the Urban Youth Fund received a large number of projects that aim at increasing the participation of young people in urban governance, urban agriculture and climate change related projects. All beneficiaries are required to ensure equal participation of young men and women in their projects, as well as ensure that the impact is gender responsive.

Some of the approved projects include initiatives that establish scorecards used for monitoring and evaluating the new leadership and governance in Kenya, in relation to the devolution systems. Other projects include young citizen’s media that aim to use media to educate the young population on good governance and responsibility. As well, waste management, housing rights, vocational training and micro-finance, climate change education and capacity building are areas that other projects will be working on. Particularly encouraging are the many projects that combine different urban development issues and engage with local governments, the private sector and other actors to ensure the long-term sustainability of the projects.

The India Youth Fund Window is a partnership between UN-Habitat and the Narotam Sekhsaria Foundation (NSF) under the global Urban Youth Fund. The funding window aims to advance youth empowerment in India.

The government of Brazil and the UN-Habitat invites all to a side-event in the United Nations Head Quarters in New York on the 7th of October, 2013 in Room 2 (Conference Building) from 13:15-14:30. The event aims at providing a platform for meaningful engagement and decision making, in order to enhance youth participation in the UN.

Below is the list of granted projects


Project Number Project Title
French speaking countries
2013-BFA-FA-1296 La belle Cite Du Jeune handicape (Burkina Faso)
2013-TGO-FA-913 Création d'un centre d'insertion professionnel dans la périphérie d'Agoèe (Togo)
2013-TUN-FA-1236 Up to 19 (Tunisia)
Gender related projects
2013-UGA-EN-723 Slum Women Economic Empowerment Program -SWEEP (Uganda)
2013-ZMB-EN-198 Improving Urban Livelihoods of 500 Youth in Choma Zambia (Zambia)
Other Projects
2013-KEN-EN-967 The Role of Youth in Accountable leader ship and in Devolved Government (Kenya)
2013-ZWE-EN-509 Securing urban land tenure for young people in Informal settlements (Zimbabwe)
2013-SLE-EN-1388 Urban Media and Information Technology Employment Centre (MIT Employment Centre) (Sierra Leone)
2013-KEN-EN-525 Demystifying devolution (Kenya)


Project Number Project Title
2013-PSE-EN-380 Youth Shadow Local Councils (YSLCs): Towards Inclusive Governance (Occupied Palestinian territory, West Bank)
2013-YEM-EN-308 Youth Local Council (Yemen)
2013-NPL-EN-848 Youth mobilization to empower the urban poor community for sustainable development (Nepal)
2013-PAK-EN-185 Developing Urban Youth Entrepreneurship in Organic Vegetable Production and its Marketing in slums of Hyderabad, Sindh (Pakistan)
2013-PHL-EN-788 Strengthening Community Resilience through Youth-driven Promotion of Safer Shelter and Settlement (Phillipines)
2013-PAK-EN-860 Economic Empowerment of Afghan Refugee Waste Picking Youth through Effective Integration with Waste Management System (Pakistan)
2013-NPL-EN-1425 Urban agriculture practice and implication of solid waste management (Nepal)


Project Number Project Title
2013-IND-EN-1160 The YP Foundation ( TYPF )
2013-IND-EN-286 Design Research Publication Cell [DRP], Balwant Sheth School of Architecture ( DRP Cell )
2013-IND-EN-844 Jeeva Karunya Trust ( JKT )
2013-IND-EN-853 South Asian Forum for Environment ( SAFE )
2013-IND-EN-343 PRO RURAL ( Pro Rural )
2013-IND-EN-544 Light Innovative Organization For Rights ( LIOR )
2013-IND-EN-651 Youth Movement for Active Citizenship ( YMAC )


Project Number Project Title
Gender related projects
2013-MEX-SP-1063 Ciudad Interculturalia: Empleo, Innovación y participación urbana de mujeres jóvenes indìgenas artesanas en la ciudad. (Mexico)
2013-CUB-SP-589 Youth Knowledge in Action for Climate Change Adaptation (Cuba)
2013-JAM-EN-607 Transforming the Urban Economy and Youth Spaces within the Papine Market (Jamaica)
Other Projects
2013-BOL-SP-557 Formación de jóvenes emprendedores para la implementación de soluciones de saneamiento con enfoque descentralizado (Bolivia)
2013-PHL-EN-788 Strengthening Community Resilience through Youth-driven Promotion of Safer Shelter and Settlement (Phillipines)
2013-COL-SP-1273 Taller Crea (Columbia)
2013-COL-SP-216 Morada Estéreo: funcionamiento 2014 (Columbia)
2013-NIC-SP-725 Fortalecimiento de las capacidades técnicas de 20 jóvenes del municipio de León para el mejoramiento de su calidad de vida y acceso a oportunidades laborales (Nicaragua)
2013-PER-SP-1454 Promoción de la visión laboral, emprendedora y ciudadana en jóvenes de la comunidad de Barrios Altos, Lima Perú (Peru)
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