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State Council: China claims lion's share of global growth
At a dialogue attended by media leaders from China and Switzerland, Jiang said the findings of the International Monetary Fund's latest global economic outlook give an "objective and fair" view on China's economy and its contribution to the global recovery.
"Based on the IMF figures, China has contributed 39 percent of global economic growth in 2016, while the developed economies' total contribution has not surpassed half of that of China," said Jiang, who was in Switzerland ahead of President Xi Jinping's upcoming visit.From 15-18 January, Xi will be paying a state visit to Switzerland, attending the annual World Economic Forum in Davos, visiting the headquarters of the International Olympics Committee and World Health Organization, as well as attending a high-level United Nations conference.
Xi has visited up to 50 countries since he became China's top leader in late 2012 but it is the first time he will stay for four days in a single country.Jiang said this indicated that China attaches great importance to the bilateral relationship between China and Switzerland, and also that the country is willing to be open about its increased commitments in taking on more global responsibility in a world full of challenges.
Though China has slowed its growth as it restructures its economy, Jiang said it has a bright future and will bring more opportunities to the world.
More than ten media outlets from China and Switzerland participated in the dialogue and they discussed how President Xi's visit and China's economic influence would be reported.Adrian Monck, member of the managing board of the World Economic Forum, said that globalization faces rising challenges and the media should also look at those being left behind in the process.
The forum has arranged more than 400 sessions of dialogue at Davos from 17-20 January to deal with the challenges.
Regarding the Chinese president's coming visit, Monck said it is fascinating to see how Xi will respond to the theme of this year's forum, which is responsive and responsible leadership.
"If you look at the Paris climate change meeting and other occasions, China is a central player in global governance…and we are fascinated to see what are President Xi's new visions in helping solve the global problems," said Monck.
Posted on Jan 11, 2017 | Source: http://news.cgtn.com/news/3d67444e3463544d/share_p.html

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