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Second Urban Economy Forum held Virtually

The Urban Economy Forum (UEF) in collaboration with UN-Habitat successfully organised the second “Urban Economy Forum 2020” virtually in conjunction with World Habitat Day . Building on priorities ad opportunities identified in the 2-019 Forum, this year provided an opportunity for debate and discussion among mayors, academia and experts on urban economy.

The main themes that were deliberated at the Forum were: Urban Economy: Theories and Action, Sustainable Banking and Municipal Finance, Urban Assessment, Urban Data, and Technology, Urban Transformation: Shifting Paradigms in Urbanism, Urban Economy, Housing and Real Estate, Social Inclusion and Public Participation, and Environment and Sustainable Urban Resources.

 The forum also launched the Regent Park World Urban Pavilion by UN-Habitat (The Pavilion), a collaboration between Urban Economy Forum, UN-Habitat, and the Canadian Mortgage and Housing Corporation (Government of Canada). The Pavilion aims to create a platform for cities and urban leaders to exchange best practices in sustainable and innovative urban development. Many cities are already in the process of contributing their innovations and initiatives under this platform.

 Urban Economy Forum (UEF) is an initiative by UN-HABITAT and International City Leaders (ICL) to provide a forum for professional dialogue between cities and municipalities, banks and other financial institutions, and private sector, professionals and non-governmental organizations to increase the efficiency of urban economy and promote innovation in markets for sustainable urban development. Urban Economy Forum as a tool of UN-HABITAT also aims to foster strategic finance and economic networks with all stakeholders mentioned above with a focus on urban resources.  

Urban economics has real and substantial effects on the quality of life. It is regarded as a new market for financial institutions and banks based on economic frameworks and indices. The Urban Economy Forum attempts to establish a dialogue through vast international networks alongside engagement of the UN and other international organizations so that it can aid municipalities in recognizing parameters of urban economy and municipal finance and guide them to enhance their capacity to achieve sustainable urban economy o realize SDGs in urban cities and er human settlements. 

The series of lectures by domain experts in various areas covered a wide range of topics, including current problems and the way to their resolution. Some of these will be available on eSocialSciences over the next few days.

Source: Iris Knowledge Foundation

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Posted on : Oct 08, 2020