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Sexism's toll on Journalism

The report shows that the two-fold danger to which many women journalists are subjected is far too common, not only in traditional reporting fields as well as new digital areas and the Internet, but a...

On Mar 08, 2021

Weekend Ruminations: The meaning of 'partly free'

How far the govt will go towards establishing its control depends on the effectiveness of domestic institutional resistance and on how much it wants to risk international censure.

On Mar 08, 2021

Women challenging stereotypes in the Covid-world

Our industry has an overall 90:10 gender split in leadership positions. The ratio is improving in pre-media, publishing and media. Can we do more to address the gender imbalance in the industry? [Fir...

On Mar 08, 2021

Indebtedness among the Rural Poor in Kerala

This study intends to understand the magnitude and nature of indebtedness among rural poor households in Kerala. The study d analyses the role played by various sources in meeting the credit requir...

On Mar 08, 2021

Know Your Publishing Space: Predatory Journals: Publish and Perish!

Predatory journals solely exist for monetary profit without any commitment to publishing ethics or quality of research. Not only do they damage the reputation of individual researchers and institution...

On Mar 03, 2021