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Private Hospitals in Health Insurance Network in India: A Reflection for Implementation of Ayushman Bharat

This paper examines the availability and spread of private hospitals in the country to provide insights on the potential access to insured health services in GSHIS schemes. It uses three sets of infor...

On Feb 20, 2019

The Labor Share of Income Around the World: Evidence from a Panel Dataset

This study provides an evaluation of five different methodologies of estimation commonly used in the labor share literature and propose a new measurement. Theglobal dataset of the labor income share a...

On Feb 20, 2019

Improving Subnational Government Development Finance in Emerging and Developing Economies: Towards a Strategic Approach

This paper reviews the rationale and potential for improving subnational development finance, outlines the overall landscape of institutional arrangements available for this purpose, and considers bro...

On Feb 18, 2019

Money and Central Bank Digital Currency

This paper takes an overview of the concepts and features of central bank money and private sector money and focuses on the actual performance of these types of money in selected advanced and emerging...

On Feb 18, 2019