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eSS Sunday Edit: Do the Liberal Arts Have Any Authority in the Digital Age?

It is likely that the ‘authority’ of the literary text requires a rethinking. The teacher has traditionally been invested with epistemic authority: the legitimate exercise of knowledge and expertise-a...

On Oct 17, 2021

eSSay:The Managerial University and Liberal Arts’ Balancing Act

The managerialism that marks the HEIs has altered the Liberal Arts’ perception of itself and the face it presents to the world. Can the academic manager build opinions, policies and decisions about th...

On Oct 09, 2021

eSS Sunday Edit: Sunrise Again for Indian Hockey?

India’s hockey performance, men’s and women’s, at Tokyo is remarkable in significant ways and may well be a portent of things to come. It's a fitting celebration of the life of Keshav Dutt, hockey vet...

On Sep 20, 2021