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The Prism of Internal Migration: The Indian Experience
Book Reviews
Review on ‘Internal Migration in Contemporary India’ (2016) (Edited by Deepak K. Mishra); Sage Publications, India, 343 pages....
by Aashish Khakha
Escalating Pollution Threats in Urbanising Indian Cities
Current Affairs
Rapid urbanisation with an increase in urban population from 28.3% (in 1950) to 50% (in 2010) is witnessed in megacities in India. Urbanisation is one of the demographic issues in the 21st century and understanding the changes in the land is im...
by Bharath H. Aithal, T.V Ramachandra
Jalli Kattu – Primitivity Amidst Modernity?
Current Affairs
Jalli Kattu however glorified is a brutal sport for both the players and sometimes even to the sadistic crowd. It is one of the cultural markers of manliness and to express Bravery during civil times in the olden era. Moustache, steel frame and muscles, hon...
by K.R. Shyam Sundar
Theorising Translation At the Level of Discourse Rather Than the Word
To translate Premchand into Tamil (or Tamil into Telugu) is not to translate into a neutral language in the manner of simply exalting, or improving, or diversifying, or nationally integrating. Rather it is entering a charged lingui...
by Nikhil Govind
Demonetisation: There’s something, not much
(Written jointly by Krishna M and Akshat Mechu) Amidst thousands of people lined up for new currency in front of banks and ATM machines, Mr. Jitendra, a farmer from Sikar district of Rajasthan, who borrowed about Rs 3 lakh for his daughter’s marriage just ...
by Krishna . M
Mapping the South-Asian Political Landscape in the Context of Migration
Book Reviews
Review on , Partha S. Ghosh’s book, ‘Migrants, Refugees and the Stateless in South-Asia’ ; Sage Publications India, 384 pages...
by Aashish Khakha
Intellectual Autonomy, Intellectual Property and the New Enclosures
If the public institution is committed to public interest, then privatization of research and teaching cannot be allowed. Work done should be seen, heard and critiqued. Innovation in knowledge can come when people take away ideas fr...
by Pramod K. Nayar
Book Review: ‘Native places’ and Journeys Beyond
Book Reviews
Review of Almost Home: Finding a Place in the World from Kashmir to New York by Githa Hariharan; Restless Books (Originally published by Fourth Estate, 2014), New York; 2016, 304 pages, $16.99....
by Dhanwanti Nayak
Knowing Differently: Innovation and Sustainable Development
If the production and transmission of new knowledge is to have a genuine innovative edge, it must be recognised that this is intrinsically a political act: inherently critical and subversive. There must be discontent with the social status q...
by Raghav Rajagopalan
'Steal This Book'
The extent of plagiarism in India is yet to be reckoned. Does rote learning encourage plagiarism? Does the lack of training in proper ways of acknowledging sources lead to inadvertant plagiarism? These are issues that need discussion. But there is no denying that plagiarism is more ...
by Shambhu Ghatak
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