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Government of Kerala
Government of Kerala has a secretariat of its own. It is the highest echelon of state administrative structure offering locus for the exercise of authority by state Government. The secretariat refers to the complex of departments. So the government departments are classified according to the functions defined: Secretariat departments and Field Departments.

Its political heads are ministers while the administrative heads are secretaries to the Government. The entire administrative machinery of the state is divided into several departments. This section profiles the various departments of the state. Details of each departments such as organisational structure, list and addresses of area wise offices, programmes, schemes, services, application forms with details, latest Government orders, achievements, success stories etc. are provided.
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Address: Information & Public Relations Department
Government Secretariat
Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala.
Tel: 0471-2327782, 2518443
Email ID: director@prd.kerala.gov.in
Website: http://kerala.gov.in/
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Budget Speech of Kerala Finance Minister 2021-22
Kerala Budget presented by the Finance Minister.
by T.M. Thomas Issac | Published On 15 Jan 2021
Kerala Budget 2018-19
Budget speech of Finance Minister of Kerala.
by T.M. Thomas Issac | Published On 02 Feb 2018
Kerala Budget 2017-18
Kerala budget presented by Hon.Finance Minister Thomas Issac.
by T.M. Thomas Issac | Published On 03 Mar 2017
Kerala Budget 2016-17
Budget speech by Oommen Chandy.
by Oommen Chandy | Published On 12 Feb 2016
Kerala Budget 2015-16
Budget speech of Kerala Finance Minister K M Mani.
by K.M. Mani | Published On 13 Mar 2015
Kerala Perspective Plan 2030
The Kerala Perspective Plan 2030 (KPP) is a Government of Kerala initiative that will serve as the basis for implementation of a series of initiatives aimed at fostering sustainable and inclusive grow...
by Government of Kerala Govt | Published On 01 Nov 2013
Kerala Budget Speech 2013-14
Finance Minister Shri. K. M. Mani has presented the State Budget for the coming financial year 2013-14 in the Kerala Legislative Assembly on 15 March 2013. This is the eleventh budget by the minister...
by K.M. Mani | Published On 15 Mar 2013
Health Policy Kerala 2013
Kerala has achieved good health indictors compared to other Indian states. In order to navigate the sector through the multiple challenges faced in the health sector Government of Kerala needs to arti...
by Health & Family Welfare Department Kerala | Published On 01 Jan 2013
Kerala Budget 2012-13
Minister for Finance, Sri. K. M. Mani presented his 10th Budget for the year 2012-13. The Kerala government raised the retirement age of government employees from 55 years to 56 years. [Budget Spe...
by Government of Kerala Govt | Published On 19 Mar 2012
Transport Policy for Kerela
Transport plays an important role in the economic development of any region. Economic growth that result in higher incomes and a rising living standards are expected to create greater demands for tr...
by Government of Kerala Govt | Published On 23 Feb 2011
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