Technology, Globalisation and Multinationals The Asian Experience (Second Edition)

Published By: eSocialSciences, Mumbai, India, Mumbai, India | Published Date: September, 10 , 2021

This second edition of the volume of Technology, Globalisation and Multinationals deals with issues relating to foreign direct investments (FDI); technology spillovers from FDI; in-house research and development (R&D) activities by enterprises; FDI in R&D; global technology spillovers; technology and trade, information technology (IT) and outsourcing; universities, academic institutions and industry relationships. This volume differs from the earlier studies in one important respect. The earlier studies presented an exhaustive and comprehensive survey of literature on these issues, while this volume concentrates on select studies published in mainstream journals and discuss in-depth the data, methodology and findings of these select studies. An indepth analysis of some of the important studies in these areas and drawing appropriate conclusions and implications would be useful to students and scholars interested in this area. The volume will concentrate mainly on Asian studies. However, benchmark studies dealing with Europe and the US will be included.

Author(s): N S Siddharthan | Posted on: Sep 11, 2021 | Views() | Download (134)

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