Politics for winners

Published By: Business Standard on eSS | Published Date: September, 11 , 2010

The Gandhi mother-son duo and the prime minister have come down on two sides of the land acquisition/environment debate. Manmohan Singh is focused on delivering 9 per cent economic growth; he sees a choice between projects to deliver that growth, and environmentalists who want the poverty-ridden status quo. The Gandhis see that the losers in the development game are asserting themselves; and, unlike the prime minister, they have to win elections. Dr Singh and his growth-focused colleagues in the government listen more to the businessmen who complain about projects being held up; their critics point to the crony capitalism that has become endemic, eroding the legitimacy of the very growth that Dr Singh is delivering.

Author(s): T.N. Ninan | Posted on: Sep 24, 2010 | Views(1638) | Download (214)

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