Maternal Mortality in India, 1997-2003 : Trends, Causes and Risk Factors (Sample Registration System)

Published By: Census Commissioner, Government of India on eSS | Published Date: October, 01 , 2006

This Report provides estimates of maternal mortality for the period 1997-2003. The study shows that overall MMR which was in the vicinity of 400 in 1997-98, has come down to about 300 in 2001-03, thus registering a decline of 24 per cent during this period based on SRS data. The decline is impressive but still a lot would need to be done to achieve the time bound target of 200 maternal deaths per lakh of live births by 2007 and 100 by 2012. SRS is the largest demographic sample survey in the country and is being used to provide direct estimates of maternal mortality through a nationally representative sample.

Author(s): Registrar General, India | Posted on: Dec 20, 2006 | Views(2606) | Download (911)

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