Longitudinal Ageing Study in India (LASI): An Investigation of Health, Economic, and Social Well-being of India’s Growing Elderly Population

Published By: Ministry of Health, GOI, IIPS Mumbai | Published Date: January, 06 , 2021

The LASI pilot sought information on households and older individuals in the respective households. The analysis of LASI pilot data revealed insightful evidence on reported and measured health status, social network characteristics, income and consumption, retirement, and pensions of the ageing population. Details about the methodology, findings, and recommendations are presented in the LASIPilot India Report. Learnings from the LASI pilot survey have guided the implementation of the first wave of a large-scale, national- and state-representative panel survey on the health, economic status, and social behaviours of older people in India, with sufficient statistical power to test the hypotheses in subpopulations of interest. [IIPS Report]

Author(s): Arokiasamy Perianayagam, David E. Bloom, T.V Sekher | Posted on: Jan 07, 2021 | Views() | Download (756)

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