Mother Earth, Sister Seed

Mother Earth, Sister Seed MOTHER EARTH, SISTER SEED Lathika George In Mother Earth, Sister Seed, landscape designer Lathika George looks at India's traditional agricultural communities and the changes-some good, some not-that modernization and urbanization have wrought. Paying tribute to the ancient systems of farming, George talks about the men...

Published by: Penguin

Author(s) Lathika George

Moong Over Microchip: Adventures of a techie-turned-farmer by Venkat Iyer

Venkat Iyer was living a fast-paced life in the IT world in Mumbai when he decided to stop and take a long, hard look at where he was headed. Disheartened by his stressful existence in the city, he decided to give it all up and take up organic farming in a small village near Mumbai. But it wasn't easy. With no experience in agriculture, his journey...

Published by: Penguin

Author(s) Venkat Iyer

Water: Abundance, Scarcity, and Security in the Age of Humanity

Humans take more than their geological share of water, but they do not benefit from it equally. This imbalance has created an era of intense water scarcity that affects the security of individuals, states, and the global economy. For many, this brazen water grab and the social inequalities it produces reflect the lack of a coherent philosophy conne...

Published by: SAGE Publications

Author(s) Jeremy J. Schmidt

Population Concerns in India: Shifting Trends, Policies, and Programs

A major concern for any country’s polity and development, the issue of population has always been particularly problematic in India given the diversity of religions and other social stratifications. Population Concerns in India: Shifting Trends, Policies, and Programs analyzes how the country has handled this concern in the seven decades post Indep...

Published by: SAGE Publications

Author(s) Krishnamurthy Srinivasan

Democracy in Decline: Rebuilding its Future

In his latest call to arms, Philip Kotler passionately argues that democracy is under grave threat. Too much money has entered politics, and its donors, often billionaires and corporations, now hold too much influence in favor of the 1%. Meanwhile, the voting system is flawed, too few citizens are politically informed, and many don’t vote. At the s...

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Author(s) Philip Kotler

Demonetisation : A means to an End ?

On 8th November 2016, India was caught unaware and shaken to its very roots, when the majority of the currency in circulation became stripped of its value. People were grappling with an entirely unfamiliar situation - 'demonetisation'. The move unleashed a huge debate on television, in newspapers, and on social media, the likes of which had never b...

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Author(s) Ramgopal Agarwala

We Are Data: Algorithms and the Making of our Digital Selves

What identity means in an algorithmic age—how it works, how our lives are controlled by it, and how we can resist it. Algorithms are everywhere, organizing the near limitless data that exists in our world. Derived from our every search, like, click, and purchase, algorithms determine the news we get, the ads we see, the information accessible to...

Published by: SAGE Publications

Author(s) John Cheney-Lippold

t’s Not Just Academic !: Essays on Sufism and Islamic Studies

This collection of articles by Carl W Ernst summarizes over 30 years of research, recovering and illuminating remarkable examples of Islamic culture that have been largely overlooked, if not forgotten. It opens with reflections on teaching Islam, focusing on major themes such as Sufism, the Qur’an, the Prophet Muhammad, and Arabic literature. The i...

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Author(s) Carl W. Ernst

India Higher Education Report 2016: Equity

Equity in education is well recognized as central to achieving inclusive growth and development. The second in the series initiated by the Centre for Policy Research in Higher Education of the National University of Educational Planning and Administration, India Higher Education Report 2016 focuses on the theme of equity in higher education. The re...

Published by: SAGE Publications

Author(s) N V Varghese, Nidhi S. Sabharwal, C M Malish

Legitimising Standard Languages: Perspectives from a School in Banaras

This book employs an ethnographic approach to explore the reproduction of class, status, and ethnic identities through the schooling process. Legitimising Standard Languages: Perspectives from a School in Banaras focuses on the introduction of official languages in schools. The primary objective of this work is to look at the socio-economic back...

Published by: SAGE Publications

Author(s) Nirmali Goswami