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Impact of Aadhaar on Welfare Programmes
India’s ambitious biometric identity documents project, Aadhaar, was portrayed as one that would enhance India’s welfare efforts by promoting inclusion and reducing corruption. From being a voluntary...
Reetika Khera on  Jan 18, 2018
Forward and Backward Linkages of Migrants to Slums in Delhi
Linkages with the native place as well as integration within the city constitute backward and forward linkages of slum dwellers. Remittances are important part of these linkages. The paper explores t...
Vinita Yadav, Vandana Solanki on  Jan 18, 2018
A Guide to Using Budget Analysis
Budget analysis entails analysis and assessment of budget from the lens of marginalised sections of population with the objective of prioritisation of public expenditures and collection of revenues...
Happy Pant on  Jan 17, 2018
The Politics of Institutional Reform and Post-Conflict Violence in Nepal
How does the reform of state institutions shape prospects for peace after war? Existing re- search on the institutional causes of peace focuses on how institutional designs, as the out- comes of ref...
Julia Strasheim on  Jan 17, 2018
Northeast India: The Emerging Scenarios
The paper narrates that in today’s age of globalization and trans-border connectivity, the Northeast is fast emerging as the potential gateway for India to Southeast and East Asia through Myanmar.
Namrata Goswami on  Jan 17, 2018
Two Decades of OPCW
This issue brief takes a broad overview of the journey of CWC and OPCW during the last two decades.
Ajey Lele on  Jan 17, 2018
Impact Assessment Study of Digital Saksharta Abhiyan
An "Impact Assessment Study of the Digital Saksharta Abhiyan under National Digital Literacy Mission” was initiated in November 2016 by Centre for Innovations in Public Systems (CIPS), Hyderabad, Te...
Centre for Innovations in Public System on  Jan 16, 2018
Technological Change, Automation and Employment: A Short Review of Theory and Evidence
A selective survey of recent papers in the area of technological change, automation and employment is presented. The objective is to convey analytical ideas and the empirical evidence that have inform...
K. V. Ramaswamy on  Jan 16, 2018
Jammu and Kashmir Budget 2018-19
The Finance Minister of Jammu and Kashmir, Dr Haseeb Drabu, presented the State Budget for the financial year 2018-19 on 11 January 2018. The total expenditure for the year is estimated to be Rs. 80,3...
Haseeb Drabu on  Jan 16, 2018
Inequality, Employment and Public Policy
This paper examines dimensions of inequality including labour market inequalities and discusses public policies needed for reduction in inequalities. It discusses both inequality of outcomes and inequ...
S.Mahendra Dev on  Jan 16, 2018
Selection, Firm Turnover, and Productivity Growth: Do Emerging Cities Speed up the Process?
This paper identifies and estimates the impact of firm entry and exit on plant-level productivity in Ethiopia as part of a selection mechanism that might be driving aggregate productivity growth in ci...
Patricia Jones, Taye Mengistae, Albert Zeufack on  Jan 16, 2018
Using Gross Trade Data to Map Archetypal GVCs
This paper introduces a new, publicly available database for tracking merchandise trade in the global value chains for apparel/textile/footwear, motor vehicles and parts, and electronics, developed or...
Michael Ferrantino, Gabriela Schmidt on  Jan 16, 2018
Can We Measure the Power of the Grabbing Hand?: A Comparative Analysis of Different Indicators of Corruption
This paper critically reviews the strengths and weaknesses of various objective and subjective indicators of corruption.
Alexander Hamilton, Craig Hammer on  Jan 15, 2018
Cross-Border Spillover Effects of the G20 Financial Regulatory Reforms
The paper also emphasize the need for regulatory consistency within and between jurisdictions to ensure a level playing field.
Clive Briault, Erik Feyen, Ines Del Mazo on  Jan 15, 2018
Indigenisation of Lithium ion Battery Manufacturing A Techno-economic Feasibility Assessment
The paper talks about the growing demand in the clean energy industry is expected to increase LCE production to about 410,000 tonne by 2025.
Tanmay Sarkar, Bhupesh Verma, Epica Sarkar on  Jan 12, 2018