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Jammu and Kashmir Budget Analysis 2017-18
The Finance Minister of Jammu and Kashmir, Mr. Haseeb A. Drabu, presented the Budget for Jammu and Kashmir for financial year 2017-18 on January 11, 2017.
Arvind Gayam, Tanvi Deshpande on  Jan 17, 2017
The Prism of Internal Migration: The Indian Experience
Review on ‘Internal Migration in Contemporary India’ (2016) (Edited by Deepak K. Mishra); Sage Publications, India, 343 pages.
Aashish Khakha on  Jan 16, 2017
Escalating Pollution Threats in Urbanising Indian Cities
Rapid urbanisation with an increase in urban population from 28.3% (in 1950) to 50% (in 2010) is witnessed in megacities in India. Urbanisation is one of the demographic issues in the 21st century and...
Bharath H. Aithal, T.V Ramachandra on  Jan 16, 2017
Jalli Kattu – Primitivity Amidst Modernity?
Jalli Kattu however glorified is a brutal sport for both the players and sometimes even to the sadistic crowd. It is one of the cultural markers of manliness and to express Bravery during civil times...
K.R. Shyam Sundar on  Jan 13, 2017
Theorising Translation At the Level of Discourse Rather Than the Word
To translate Premchand into Tamil (or Tamil into Telugu) is not to translate into a neutral language in the manner of simply exalting, or improving, or diversifying, or nationally integrating. Rather...
Nikhil Govind on  Jan 12, 2017
Health for all Indians: A Goal Afar?
This paper is a broad landscape of illness and healthcare in India developing over the past 60+ years. The paper is grounded in a political theory perspective, evolved over study and intervention in d...
R Srivatsan on  Jan 12, 2017
Non-Communicable Diseases and Risk Factors in Migrants from South Asian Countries
The following document contains a review for a research project on migration and chronic or non-communicable diseases (NCDs). It begins with an overview of the geographical scope; the review focuses s...
Hiranthi Jayaweera, Amy K. McLennan on  Jan 11, 2017
Demographic Transformation in South Asia: Implications for Rice Research and Development
The demographic structure of South Asian countries are rapidly transforming, which can greatly influence future rice production and consumption in the region. Literature on the impact of demographic t...
Samarendu Mohanty, Humnath Bhandari on  Jan 11, 2017
Securing Property Rights in India Through Distributed Ledger Technology
India registered rapid economic growth over the past couple of years, with the GDP growing 7.6 percent in 2015-2016. While economic activity remains buoyant, however, the country still has a long way...
Meghna Bal on  Jan 11, 2017
Vital Stats: Participation of Members of Uttar Pradesh Legislative Assembly (2012-2017)
The Election Commission recently announced the poll schedule for the assembly elections in Uttar Pradesh. In this context, data on the composition of the 16th Uttar Pradesh Legislative Assembly (2012-...
Jhalak Kakkar, Aniket Narawad on  Jan 10, 2017
Inequalities in Secondary Education: Rashtriya Madhyamik Shiksha Abhiyan
Secondary education is an important stage in the school education ladder as it equips students with skills important for higher education and the labour market. Besides helping students to choose diff...
Centre for Budget and Governance Accountability CBGA on  Jan 10, 2017
Indian Variant of MTEF: The Scope and Opportunities to Develop an Effective Budget Planning Process
The paper examines the medium-term fiscal policy (MTFP) and a more conventional medium-term expenditure framework (MTEF) adopted in India under the provisions of the fiscal rules. The MTFP and the MTE...
Pratap Ranjan Jena on  Jan 10, 2017
Unequal India in an Unequal World: Causes, Consequences & Policy Options
Disparities in income and wealth have all along been present in almost every society across the world. However, the rate of increase in inequality in the distribution of income and wealth has been ala...
Abraham George on  Jan 10, 2017
The Plough, Gender Roles, and Corruption
Cross-national empirical studies of corruption commonly find that nations in which women play a greater role in economic and public life suffer less corruption. This finding has been controversial in...
Gautam Hazarika on  Jan 10, 2017
The Power of Social Pensions
This paper examines the impacts of social pension provision among people of different ages. Utilizing the county-by-county rollout of the New Rural Pension Scheme in rural China, we find that, among t...
Chuanchuan Zhang, Wei Huang on  Jan 10, 2017
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