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Sociology of Sport: India
This chapter is a collation and review of literature that can be considered to form the terrain of sports studies in India. It attempts two broad tasks: firstly, to aggregate these studies, and second...
Veena Mani, Mathangi Krishnamurthy on  Mar 16, 2018
Continuing Caste inequalities in Rural Uttar Pradesh
A continuous mixed opinion on the relevance of caste based reservations and caste as a factor of socioeconomic disparity in the recent period demands update of evidence on socioeconomic inequalities...
Srinivas Goli, Nagendra Maurya on  Mar 16, 2018
Strategies to Make Last-mile Energy More Inclusive: Examples from India
Sustainable access to energy has the power to catalyze social and economic development and promote better educated, healthier, more productive and resilient communities. Yet many families across th...
Aslihan Kes, Allie Glinski on  Mar 16, 2018
It’s all in the Stars: The Chinese Zodiac and the Effects of Parental Investments on Offspring’s Cognitive and Noncognitive Skill Development
The importance of (early) parental investments in children’s cognitive and noncognitive outcomes is a question of deep policy significance. However, because parental investments are arguably endogeno...
Chih Ming Tan, Xiao Wang, Xiaobo zhang on  Mar 16, 2018
India: the next superpower ?: The Untold Story of India's Economy
As India looks towards further liberalisation, it must fi rst prepare its economic institutions by re-orienting them from managing the economy to regulating the economy. Without an enhancement of re...
Rajeev Sibal on  Mar 16, 2018
Fiscal Policy Effectiveness and Inequality: Efficacy of Gender Budgeting in Asia Pacific
Gender budgeting is a fiscal approach that seeks to use a country’s national and/or local budget(s) to reduce inequality and promote economic growth and equitable development. While literature has exp...
Lekha Chakraborty, Marian Ingrams, Yadawendra Singh on  Mar 16, 2018
New Series of National Accounts Better Estimation or Over Estimation?
Revision in the estimates of domestic product (GDP) is a continuous process. Availability of more update data and changes in methodology which enlarges the access of data are the two factors which res...
M. C. Singhi, R Gopalan on  Mar 16, 2018
The Contribution of Workers’ Remittances to Economic Growth in Pakistan
The paper says that the role of workers’ remittances in economic development of recipient countries is considered to be an important area of research.
Zafar Iqbal, Abdus Sattar on  Mar 15, 2018
Monetary Policy: Its Changing Objectives, Instruments and Results
This paper seeks to examine how the objectives of monetary policy have changed over the years from one of supporting public investment to one of inflation control and still later to inflation targetin...
Manmohan Agarwal, Irfan Shah on  Mar 15, 2018
Women in the Economy: An Untapped Resource for Growth in the Asia-Africa Region
Ensuring Women’s their participation in the economy requires access to skills, technology and finance. India and Japan have supported such initiatives in Asia and Africa in the past, but a joint effor...
Renana Jhabvala on  Mar 15, 2018
People-to-People Partnership in Asia Africa Growth Corridor: Historical and Cultural Linkages
People-to-People Partnership (PPP) is an important and inevitable mode of interactions in the sphere of international relations. In any kind of developmental, diplomatic and cultural interactions and...
V. Selvakumar on  Mar 15, 2018
Asia-Africa Cooperation in Human Resource Development
Sub Saharan Africa is gifted with a young population underthe age of 25 years; they are two-thirds of its population. Such a young workforce along with opportunities in industry and modern services ca...
Santosh Mehrotra on  Mar 14, 2018
Country Origin of Foreign Direct Investment in Indian Manufacturing and its Impact on Productivity of Domestic Firms
The paper analyzes productivity enhancing effects of foreign direct investment (FDI) among Indian manufacturing firms. The issue particularly examined is, how country of origin of FDI makes a differe...
Bishwanath Goldar, Karishma Banga on  Mar 14, 2018
The Pathways of Knowledge Spillovers
Knowledge spillovers are unintentional and costless transfers of knowledge from a leader firm to a follower firm. They can occur via three pathways: Observation, imitation, and managerial interactio...
Stanley Nollen on  Mar 14, 2018
A New Model of Mergers and Innovation
This paper reexamines the impact of merger on innovation. Unlike as in Federico et al (2017), it considers the scenario where merged firms combine their research labs. It shows that, in equilibrium, e...
Piuli Roy Chowdhury on  Mar 14, 2018