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Authors Name: T.M. Thomas Issac

Budget Speech of Kerala Finance Minister 2021-22

Kerala Budget presented by the Finance Minister.

On 18 Jan 2021

Kerala Budget 2018-19

Budget speech of Finance Minister of Kerala.

On 05 Feb 2018

Kerala Budget 2017-18

Kerala budget presented by Hon.Finance Minister Thomas Issac.

On 06 Mar 2017

Sustainable Consolidation: Suggesting the Way Ahead for Kerala

The paper examines the fiscal scene of Kerala, during the last one and a half decades, by looking at the trends in receipts and expenditure. It finds that a revenue led fiscal consolidation is the w...

On 20 May 2016

An Enquiry into the Historical Roots of Industrial Backwardness of Kerala - A Study of Travancore Region

The relative industrial backwardness of Kerela is a problem of very wide concern among scholars as well as administrators and political activities in the state. The contribution of the industrial sect...

On 31 May 2011

Balance of Trade, Remittance and Net Capital Flows: An Analysis of Economic Development in Kerala since independence

A major drawback of the plethora of regional studies in India is that most of them tend to treat regional development as an autonomous process of regional productive forces and relations of production...

On 15 Nov 2010

Estimates of External Trade Flows of Kerela: (1975-76 and 1980-81)

Kerela is a region that is deeply integrated with the Indian and the world economy through various ways such as commodity flows, financial movements, labour migration and operations of national and in...

On 01 Oct 2010