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Authors Name: Vibhuti Patel

Union Budget 2023-24: Towards Gender Equality?

Surprisingly, even though the government had been presented with the recommendations of gender economists and the Feminist Policy Collective for moving towards Transformative Financing for Women and G...

On 18 Feb 2023

Tribute: Ela Bhatt

Tribute to Ela Bhatt, the visionary leader of marginalised women

On 10 Nov 2022

Tribute: Kamla Bhasin

Vibhuti Patel pays a heart-warming tribute to a fellow feminist.

On 30 Oct 2021

Sonal Shukla 1941-2021: A Tribute

Feminist activist, cultural icon, intersectional women's activist

On 14 Sep 2021

Tribute: Gail Omvedt (1941-2021)

Tribute to Gail Omvedt : feminist scholar, dalit and feminist activist died on August 25, 2021

On 09 Sep 2021

Tribute: Vidya Bal (January 12, 1937 to January 30, 2020)

Vidya Bal was a veteran feminist journalist, author and editor based in Pune. She was also a well-known social activist in the women’s liberation movement in India who dedicated her life to fighting f...

On 24 Apr 2020

Political Feminism in India: An Analysis of Actors, Debates and Strategies

the last 50 years of feminist activism in India has managed to challenge the 5,000 years of patriarchal order. the main achievements were the deconstruction of violence against women, questioning of m...

On 22 Sep 2016

Sexual Harassment at the Workplace: A Continuing Story

The reinstatement at TERI of a man accused of sexual harassment to the post of vice chair even as the case is pending is nothing short of cocking a snook at the law and the norms that came into being...

On 05 Mar 2016

Safe Cities and Gender Budgeting

Women in the communities make efforts to seek allocation under appropriate budget heads to identify streams of revenue, available revenue and the required expenditure. Town planners, policy makers and...

On 28 Sep 2015

Obituary: Jyotiben Trivedi

Jyotiben Trivedi, former Vice chancellor of SNDT Women's University: A personal Tribute

On 04 May 2015

Union Budget 2015-16 through Gender Lens

Union Budget 2015-16 fails to provide for the needs of the women in the country, with budgetary allocation for most women’s development schemes facing a steep reduction. This article reviews the budge...

On 09 Mar 2015

Tribute: Jasodhara Bagchi

Jashodhara Bagchi was a leading Indian feminist critic and a prodigious professor in her field. She was a scholar who voiced women's cause and worked for their empowerment. She also was chairman of...

On 19 Jan 2015

Nutritional Intake in India, 2011-12

The all-India urban calorie intake distribution was similar to the rural, with slightly higher numbers of households in the top and bottom intake classes. Inter-State differences in energy intake di...

On 23 Dec 2014

Role of Collective Agency in Gender Rights

The fact that progress in equal rights for women has come about largely through the efforts of social reform movement in the 19th century and women’s liberation movement in the 20th century Maharashtr...

On 21 Nov 2014

Socio Economic Profile of Muslims in Maharashtra

Maharashtra’s multicultural milieu is marked by crucial contribution made by Muslims. The Sachar Committee Report, 2006 stated that the condition of Muslim in Maharashtra demands special attention o...

On 11 Nov 2014

What is in Store for Women in Union Budget 2014-15?

Union budget 2014-15 offers up old and new schemes but fails to address macro-economic and social causes of exploitation and subordination of women.

On 18 Jul 2014

Obituary: Manorama Savur (1927-2014)

Manorama Savur, professor of sociology, Mumbai University and well-respected academic and activist.

On 25 Jun 2014

Obituary: Vasudha Dhagmwar 1940-2014

Vasudha Dhagamwar, legal activist and academician, passed away on February 10, in Pune.

On 21 Feb 2014

Obituary: Prof. Ila Pathak (1933-2014): A Feminist Crusader

Ila Pathak was a dedicated social activist who stood by socially excluded sections of society, especially brutalized women. She tirelessly supported women survivors of dowry harassment, rape victims,...

On 21 Jan 2014

Obituary: Veena Mazumdar (1927-2013)

Obituary: Veena Mazumdar (1927-2013)

On 31 Jul 2013

Obituary: Sharmila Rege (1964 to 2013)

Obituary: Sharmila Rege (1964 to 2013)

On 30 Jul 2013

Issues in Development Studies in the 21st Century

Review of the book Challenges for Development in 21st Century by Ruby Ojha, B.R. Publications, 2011.

On 14 Aug 2012

Obituary: Mrinal Gore (1928-2012)

Obituary: Mrinal Gore (1928-2012)

On 23 Jul 2012

Obituary: Leela Dube (1923-2012)

Obituary: Leela Dube (1923-2012)

On 22 May 2012

Cities, Gender Budgeting and Civic Governance

The Budget is an important tool in the hands of the state for affirmative action for improvement of gender relations through reduction of gender gap in the development process. It can help to reduce e...

On 03 Aug 2007

Gender Audit of Budgets

The Budget is an important tool in the hands of state for affirmative action for improvement of gender relations through reduction of gender gap in the development process. Budgets garner resources th...

On 09 Mar 2006