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India is passing through the demographic transition and we hardly have 50 to 60 years more to utilise the demographic dividend. By mid of this century, India will have a huge population of 60 and older people.
22 Dec 2016
Female Labour Force Participation (FLFR) is a driver of growth and economic development and therefore, participation rates indicate the potential for a country to grow more rapidly. However, women’s engagement in the labour market and broader development outcomes is difficult to understand.
11 Nov 2016
Cauvery has been a source of dispute from two centuries back itself. The Cauvery Water Disputes Tribunal (CWDT) was constituted by the government of India in 1990 to adjudicate the inter-state river water sharing issue.
15 Sep 2016
There are many states in India which have high number of women entrepreneurs. There are states which have many policies to encourage women entrepreneurs.
30 Aug 2016
While a lot of experimentation has been done in the realm of financial literacy, it is difficult to point to one standardised method or approach that works best in all scenarios with all kinds of target populations. Although this could be attributed to the lack of a standard definition or measurement tool, it is also a result of India’s diversity in terms of language, caste, culture etc.
20 Jul 2016
All living beings on earth need water for their daily life. As it is becoming scarce and the demand is increasing proper management of water is needed.
30 Jun 2016
What are the policies that Indian government has implemented to alleviate poverty and hunger? Can we say that these are implemented in the right way? What lies in future?
23 Jun 2016
The gender wage gaps in Indian states and the wage gaps among educated people are shown.
27 May 2016
This piece looks at the trends in the youth work force participation rates over the past 30 years of Census data and questions whether the emphasis on youth skills for sustainable development can actually be achieved.
15 Mar 2016
Climate-induced migration is not a new phenomenon but is slowly becoming the new found focus as researchers have begun taking up a range of studies. A lot of literature has already been out there as a result of rigorous research and has been published. The observations and the conclusions drawn on the basis of these studies are really alarming.
01 Mar 2016
Industrialized countries had their share of carbon emissions. Can the developing countries also get a fair share in their deal for reducing carbon emissions and clear their way to development?
15 Feb 2016
Data about employment exchanges, how they function and suggestions for improvement are given here.
01 Feb 2016
The medical profession in India has experienced major changes in terms of woman participation in medicine. In the last few decades, the number of women joining medicine has revealed a noticeable growth.
13 Jan 2016
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