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Current Affairs
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Case Study of Madhu - A Tribal from Kerala
In the evening of February 22, 2018, A 30 year old man named Madhu, a tribal from Attappadi, Kerala was severely beaten up by the mob who accused him of stealing food items which included rice. Althou...
Category: Minority Groups
by Aarti Salve | On 02 Mar 2018
In the Long Run We are Dead, says Keynes Amen, says the Government!
This is a dreamy and populist Budget talking high numbers while missing out on empirical realities. The irony is that, looked at closely, it has neither pleased the free market theorists nor has it do...
Category: India: Union and All Budgets
by K.R. Shyam Sundar | On 09 Feb 2018
Divisive Politics in Tamizh Nadu
While the Dravidian movement is surely a necessary counter to historical and even contemporary oppressive politics played by Brahmins and other upper castes, their militant politics and intellectual...
Category: Politics
by Shyam Sundar | On 01 Jan 2018
Now You, the Ciitizen, can Monitor Air Pollution! A Collaborative Experimental Initiative in Maharashtra
Citizens, journalists and policy makers can now find the state of industrial pollution in their areas with a click. They can log on to the MPCB website (http://mpcb.info) to access report cards of in...
Category: Environment: Industrial Pollution
by Aritra Chakrabarty | On 01 Feb 2018
Invoking the Science ‘mantra’ Once Again
It is not surprising that science and technology finds important mention in the Economic Survey indicating that the upcoming Union Budget may well sharply increase spending on it. But it is disappoin...
Category: India: Union and All Budgets
by Tanisha Parihar | On 01 Feb 2018
Social Infrastructure: Way Forward
The tenth chapter of Economic Survey 2018 has sown that investments in social infrastructure and human development has paid off well. The policies and schemes have also been mentioned in detail. The g...
Category: India: Union and All Budgets
by Lakshmi Priya | On 31 Jan 2018
Data Ecosystems for Sustainable Development: The Africa Data Revolution Report 2016
This report aims to serve as the foundation upon which the nations can create data eco-systems to serve developmental aims.
Category: Economy, Global
by Aritra Chakrabarty | On 01 Jan 2016
The Curious Case of Crèches: Whose Responsibility is it?
At the core of the argument for crèches, lie the notion of a child’s vulnerability and the shared responsibility of the parents and the State to ensure his/her protection. But how far have we managed...
Category: Environment and Labour
by Nimish Sany | On 16 Oct 2017
The Ministry of Utmost Happiness: Activist in Control
In the fleeting moments that the activist takes a backseat, the book is a joy to read.
Category: Media: Review Notes on Books
by Amrit B L S | On 16 Oct 2017
Ola and Uber failing to live up to the promises made
With mushrooming of commercial drivers, incomes are falling and expenses are rising. Unable to pay monthly loan instalments, cars are being seized, while contracted employees cannot quit. Will legal p...
Category: Employment, Urban
by Amrit B L S | On 29 Jun 2017
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