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Current Affairs
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Union Budget 2023-24: Towards Gender Equality?
Surprisingly, even though the government had been presented with the recommendations of gender economists and the Feminist Policy Collective for moving towards Transformative Financing for Women and G...
Category: Women
by Vibhuti Patel | On 16 Feb 2023
Tribute: Ela Bhatt
Tribute to Ela Bhatt, the visionary leader of marginalised women
Category: Tributes
by Vibhuti Patel | On 01 Nov 2022
COP26 Draft Text
The Conference of the Parties serving as the meeting of the Parties to the Paris Agreement, Emphasizing the importance of multilateralism in tackling climate change and the crucial role of internatio...
Category: Environment: Climate Change
by Anonymous  | On 11 Nov 2021
Tribute: Kamla Bhasin
Vibhuti Patel pays a heart-warming tribute to a fellow feminist.
Category: Tributes
by Vibhuti Patel | On 30 Oct 2021
Sonal Shukla 1941-2021: A Tribute
Feminist activist, cultural icon, intersectional women's activist
Category: Tributes
by Vibhuti Patel | On 13 Sep 2021
Supporting the creative economy for sustainable development in Southeast Asia
The creative economy has the potential to not only strengthen the expansion of global value chains, increase digital adoption among creative small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), fuel the export...
Category: Culture and Literature
by Pitchaya Sirivunnabood | On 01 Sep 2021
Tribute: Gail Omvedt (1941-2021)
Tribute to Gail Omvedt : feminist scholar, dalit and feminist activist died on August 25, 2021
Category: Tributes
by Vibhuti Patel | On 09 Sep 2021
Who’s Afraid of Naomi Osaka?
As an extraordinarily powerful individual, Naomi Osaka presents challenges to institutional power most of us can only imagine. If she worked in coordination with other top athletes across different sp...
Category: Sports
by Jeffrey Montez de Oca | On 21 Jun 2021
Know your Publishing Space: Abstracting and Indexing Databases
This article explains the terms and practices of “indexing" journals and abstracting databases with a brief history of the practice. It points out the problems and issues in this field that researcher...
Category: Media: academic publishing
by Shubhada Nagarkar | On 14 Jun 2021
The Noel D'Cunha Sunday Column: The Tale of Typesetting
The first time, printing interns at PrintWeek saw an old newspaper, they were stupefied. It was so difficult to imagine typesetting, one by one, by hand, every tiny letter of metal in complex lockups...
Category: Noel D'Cunha column/Printweek
by Noel D'Cunha | On 14 Feb 2021
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