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An Interview with Anand Patwardhan
For over 40 years Anand Patwardhan’s documentary films have stood for freedom of expression. He faced censorship on numerous occasions, took the government to court, and won each time. Anand is not ju...
Category: Culture and Literature
by Vidya Bhushan Rawat | On 10 Apr 2017
Banning Slaughter Houses: Not a Hasty Move
The change in guard of Uttar Pradesh has set the stage for a new chapter in UP politics. But will the fulfilling of election promises result in serious negative economic repercussions? The case of t...
Category: India, Regions
by Aritra Chakrabarty | On 04 Apr 2017
Identity and Marginality in North East India: Challenges for Social Science Research
Conceptualising the Northeast as a singular territory is problematic. But this construction determines the way the region is governed by the Indian state that propagates the idea of a shared identity...
Category: India, North-east
by N. Atungbo | On 21 Feb 2017
Union Budget 2017-18: Social Sector Largesse Does Not Tell the Whole Story
While there has been a a big jump in allocations to health overall, there is no indication that it will be sustained and will mark a trend.
Category: Government Budgets
by Ravi Duggal | On 01 Feb 2017
Budget in the Time of Demonetisation
Demonetisation is a weapon to stop the black money in the country. But cash is only a small portion of black money. Also the economy has been affected by this step. How will the government tackle this...
Category: India: Union and All Budgets
by Rakesh Mumbai | On 27 Jan 2017
Stakeholders' Engagements with the Community Health Worker: The Accredited Social Health Activist (ASHA)
In India the Community Health Worker has long been a part of health care services for rural populations across the voluntary sector. As far as India?s public health sector is concerned, Community Heal...
Category: Unorganized labour
by Kavita Bhatia | On 01 Mar 2013
Improving Farmers’ Income and Employment through Budget 2017
The 2017 Budget would be special in two ways – first, it would be presented by Finance Minister on 1st February, 2017. Usually, it was presented in the last week of February each year. It will give...
Category: India: Union and All Budgets
by Amarnath Tripathi | On 25 Jan 2017
Demonetisation: A Positive Effect on Budget to Channelise Nation's Growth Prospects
The aim of this article is to present that the Positive effect of demonetisation on upcoming budget for national growth. And demonetisation is one of the tools to be used for minimize the counterfeit...
Category: India: Union and All Budgets
by P Shekar | On 25 Jan 2017
Vehicular Pollution in Indian Cities: What can the Central Budget do?
Indian cities are facing the problem of severe air pollution and vehicles are a major source. The economically vibrant cities like Delhi, Bengaluru, Chennai, Hyderabad, Mumbai provide numerous job opp...
Category: India: Union and All Budgets
by Sudakshina Gupta | On 24 Jan 2017
Dealing with GST in the Union Budget 2017
Goods and Services Tax (GST) is a harmonized tax regime and it can curb black money through practicing clean "invoices" to redeem input credit. In the Union Budget 2017, central government may announc...
Category: India: Union and All Budgets
by Lekha Chakraborty | On 23 Jan 2017
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