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Institutional Papers
Academy of Science of South Africa
The Academy of Science of South Africa (ASSAf) was inaugurated in May 1996 by the former President of South Africa and patron of the Academy, Nelson Mandela. It was formed in response to the need for...
On 27 Nov 2006
Accountability Initiative
Accountability Initiative seeks to improve the quality of India’s public services by promoting informed and accountable governance. Accountability Initiative aims to: *Provide regular, accessible...
On 26 Feb 2011
Achutha Menon Centre for Health Science Studies,Trivandrum
Achutha Menon Centre for Health Science Studies undertook the Small grants programme on Gender and Social Issues to address research gaps in research on reporductive health Reproductive Health Resear...
On 08 Aug 2005
Afghanistan Reseach and Evaluation Unit
The Afghanistan Research and Evaluation Unit (AREU) is an independent research institute based in Kabul. AREU's mission is to inform and influence policy and practice through conducting high-quality,...
On 01 Apr 2015
A step towards globalisation of Indian agriculture.
On 21 Oct 2011
Agricultural and Suistanable Development
Agricultural institute
On 29 Apr 2014
Agricultural and Applied Economics Association
The Agricultural & Applied Economics Association (AAEA) is a not-for-profit association serving the professional interests of members working in agricultural and broadly related fields of applied econ...
On 03 Mar 2014
)All-India Drug Action Network (AIDAN, December 2008 A Campaign Group for Rational Drug Therapy and Policy
On 25 Apr 2009
Akshara Foundation
The organisation was founded on the belief that quality education is the undeniable right of every child and that children should not be deprived of this just because they do not have access to it or...
On 24 Aug 2016
Al Jazeera
Al Jazeera Satellite Channel was launched on 1 November 1996 following the closure of the BBC's Arabic language television station, a joint venture with Orbit Communications Company, owned by Sa`udi K...
On 08 Aug 2013
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