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Institutional Papers
The 2018 Budget Speech: Malaysia
Budget speech by Finance Minister of Malaysia.
Institution: Ministry of Finance Malaysia
Section:Budget Reports/Speeches
by Minister of Finance Malaysia | Published On 27 Oct 2018
Risk Management Innovation for Philippine Banking
This Policy Note revisits the risk management policy of BSP as a guide in strengthening the competitiveness of Philippine banks. It also recommends measures to further refine the banking system in the...
Institution: Philippine Institute of Development Studies (PIDS)
Section:Policy Papers/Policy Briefs
by Roberto Miguel S. Roque | Published On 06 Jun 2018
Financial Inclusion, Regulation, Financial Literacy, and Financial Education in Tajikistan
This paper provides an analysis of financial inclusion, literacy, and education issues in the Republic of Tajikistan. It discusses the recent progress in financial inclusion and the sector’s response...
Institution: Asian Development Bank Institute
Section:Working Papers
by Roman Mogilevskii | Published On 05 Jun 2018
People’s Inquest into Thoothukudi Firings
A coalition of civil society organisations in Tamil Nadu titled, ‘Coordinating Committee for People’s Inquest into Thoothukudi Police Firing’ organised a People’s Inquest (PI) on June 2-3, 2018 at Tho...
Institution: Environment Justice Matters (EJM)
by Environment Justice Matters (EJM) | Published On 01 Jun 2018
Economic Policy for Artificial Intelligence
Recent progress in artificial intelligence (AI) – a general purpose technology affecting many industries - has been focused on advances in machine learning, which recast as a quality adjusted drop in...
Institution: National Bureau of Economic Research
Section:Working Papers
by Ajay K. Agrawal | Published On 01 Jun 2018
Market Integration, Demand and the Growth of Firms: Evidence from a Natural Experiment in India
In many developing countries, the average firm is small, does not grow and has low productivity. Lack of market integration and limited information on non-local products often leave consumers unaware...
Institution: National Bureau of Economic Research
Section:Working Papers
by Robert T. Jensen | Published On 01 Jun 2018
The Morbidity Cost of Air Pollution: Evidence from Consumer Spending in China
This paper provides knowledge the first analysis of the morbidity cost of PM2.5 for the entire population of a developing country. To address potential endogeneity in pollution exposure, it constructs...
Institution: National Bureau of Economic Research
Section:Working Papers
by Panle Jia Barwick | Published On 01 Jun 2018
National Strategy for Artificial Intelligence
This strategy document is premised on the proposition that India, given its strengths and characteristics, has the potential to position itself among leaders on the global AI map – with a unique bran...
by Niti Aayog GOI | Published On 01 Jun 2018
Cash Holdings and Tax Evaded Incomes in India – A Discussion
The paper makes an analysis of cash holdings in India and attempts to test its association with tax effort and government spending. The finding arrived is that the ratio of Cash holding to Nominal GDP...
Institution: Centre for Development Studies (CDS)
Section:Working Papers
by R. Mohan | Published On 01 Jun 2018
Maternal Education, Parental Investment and Non-Cognitive Characteristics in Rural China
This paper evaluates the parental response to non-cognitive variation across siblings in rural Gansu province, China, employing a household fixed effects specification; the non-cognitive measures of i...
Institution: Institute for the Study of Labour(IZA)
Section:Discussion Papers
by Jessica Leight | Published On 01 Jun 2018
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