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Institutional Papers
The 2018 Budget Speech: Malaysia
Budget speech by Finance Minister of Malaysia.
Institution: Ministry of Finance Malaysia
Section:Budget Reports/Speeches
by Minister of Finance Malaysia | Published On 27 Oct 2018
Translating Women’s Voices into Action in Mongolia: Addressing Gender-Based Violence through Investments in Infrastructure
The aim of the paper is to contribute to the discussion on the role of multilateral financing in directly addressing gender-based violence; specifically, the ways in which infrastructure investments c...
Institution: Asian Development Bank Institute
Section:Working Papers
by Tsolmon Begzsuren | Published On 26 Oct 2018
Does Regional Integration Matter for Inclusive Growth? Evidence from the Multidimensional Regional Integration Index
This paper employs a multidimensional approach to gauge the degree of regional integration and analyze impact on growth, inequality, and poverty. It constructs a multidimensional regional integration...
Institution: Asian Development Bank Institute
Section:Working Papers
by Cyn-Young Park | Published On 19 Oct 2018
Do Local Currency Bond Markets Enhance Financial Stability?
This paper empirically tests conventional wisdom on the stabilizing effect of LCBMs. To do so, it analyses and compare the financial vulnerability of developing countries during two episodes of financ...
Institution: Asian Development Bank Institute
Section:Working Papers
by Donghyun Park | Published On 19 Oct 2018
Role of Bank Lending in Financing Green Projects: A Dynamic Stochastic General Equilibrium Approach
This paper develops an environmental dynamic stochastic general equilibrium (E-DSGE) model with heterogeneous production sectors. In particular, the model comprises some low-carbon emission firms that...
Institution: Asian Development Bank Institute
Section:Working Papers
by Maria Teresa Punzi | Published On 17 Oct 2018
Skewed Credit and Growth Dynamics after the Global Financial Crisis
A large empirical literature finds that financial development is beneficial for economic growth, although some recent evidence suggests otherwise. The paper contributes to the finance–growth literatur...
Institution: Asian Development Bank Institute
Section:Working Papers
by Gemma Estrada | Published On 16 Oct 2018
Insights from Behavioral Economics on Current Policy Issues
The paper examines behavioral constraints in policy-making and in achieving coordination across policies. First it applies psychological concepts to understand policy inadequacies, and next examines h...
Institution: Indira Gandhi Institute of Development Research, Mumbai
Section:Working Papers
by Ashima Goyal | Published On 15 Oct 2018
Harnessing Technology for Moe Inclusive and Sustainable Finance in Asia and the Pacific
This brief report documents facts of financial innovation in Asia and the Pacific that include: • Fintech redefines a specific sector at the intersection of financial services and technology sectors....
Institution: Asian Development Bank Institute
by Asian Bank | Published On 09 Oct 2018
An Assessment of the Fiscal Features of the PDP Laban Model of Philippine Federalism 1.0 and the Gonzales-De Vera Federal Model
The paper highlights the importance of the design of the fiscal features of the federal system of government in ensuring that the potential benefits from its adoption are realized. The economic litera...
Institution: Philippine Institute of Development Studies (PIDS)
Section:Discussion Papers
by Rosario G. Manasan | Published On 01 Oct 2018
Prospects for trade and cooperation under the Philippines-Taiwan EPA
This Policy Note assesses the extent to which the products of the Philippines and Taiwan compete with or complement each other using the Balassa revealed comparative advantage (RCA) index and other tr...
Institution: Philippine Institute of Development Studies (PIDS)
Section:Policy Papers/Policy Briefs
by Ritchelle J. Alburo | Published On 01 Oct 2018
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