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India, Climate Change and Security in South Asia
South Asia faces a wide array of social, political, and economic issues that already threaten security in the region. The region has a history of border disputes, sectarian violence, and government co...
Category: Development Reports
by David Antos | On 03 May 2017
Scarcity at the End of the Month: First Results from a Field Experiment in Bangladesh
This paper reports results of a ?eld experiment designed to test how the timing of wage payments a?ects consumption and ?nancial behaviors. Salaried employees in a large manufacturing ?rm were paid a...
Category: Research Reports
by Emily Breza | On 01 Apr 2017
Achieving Universal Literacy in Andhra Pradesh: Status and Prospects
The main objective of the present paper is to assess the prospects of achieving universal adult literacy with a policy intervention factor through adult literacy programmes that target different age g...
Category: Development Reports
by Motkuri Venkatanarayana | On 01 Jun 2013
Strengthening the Governance for Effective Tobacco Control in India
One of the key components in achieving a substantial reduction in tobacco use and associated disease, economic and ecologic burden in India is to strengthen the governance for tobacco control. In the...
Category: Research Reports
by Dr. Upendra Bhojani | On 01 Jun 2017
Accelerating Gender Parity in the Fourth Industrial Revolution
Over the last decade, gender gaps in the workforce, particularly those in leadership positions, have remained largely unchanged and progress has stalled, despite growth in the numbers of women acquiri...
Category: Development Reports
by World Economic Forum [WEF] | On 01 Jul 2017
Accelerating Workforce Reskilling for the Fourth Industrial Revolution
The way we work, the skills we need to thrive in our jobs and the trajectories of our careers are rapidly evolving. These changes—driven by technological innovation, demographics, shifting business mo...
Category: Development Reports
by World Economic Forum [WEF] | On 01 Jul 2017
Rethinking Electricity Sector Reform in Developing Asia: Balancing Economic and Environmental Objectives
The OECD or ‘standard’ model of electricity sector reforms has been widely adopted in non-OECD Asian countries since the 1990s. However, despite two decades of attempts at reforms, no notable progress...
Category: Development Reports
by Tooraj Jamasb | On 01 Jun 2016
Jati, Local Public Goods and Village Governance: Private Actions and Public Outcomes
This paper purports to understand whether voting along narrow parochial lines in socially and ethnically fragmented societies has measurable gains. Using data from rural India, we establish that ident...
Category: Development Reports
by Raghbendra Jha | On 01 Jan 2017
Handbook on Assessment of Labour Provisons in Trade and Investment Arrangements
Labour provisions have become more commonplace in trade agreements and increasingly comprehensive in their scope. The Handbook provides practical information in a format geared towards non-specialist...
Category: Research Reports
by International Organisation | On 18 Jul 2017
Village Transportation Infrastructure and Women’s Non-agricultural Employment in India: The Conditioning Role of Community Gender Context
Previous studies have examined how demographic characteristics, education, culture, and labor policy suppress Indian women’s labor supply. However, not enough attention has been paid to the role of po...
Category: Development Reports
by Lei Lei | On 15 May 2017
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