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Global Inequality When Unequal Countries Create Unequal People
Current global inequality measures assume that national-mean income does not matter to economic welfare at given household income, as measured in surveys. The paper questions...
Category : Development Studies
by Mada Ranjith | On 01 Dec 2017
We analyse the evolution of the Indian economy over the past six decades, particularly identifying structural breaks. We find that usually there has been a gradual change in the indicators of the ec...
Category : Development Studies
by Lindsey Jones | On 01 Nov 2015
Informality, Governance and Growth
This paper develops a growth framework of a typical developing and democratic setting with formal and informal sectors, which faces trade-off of redistribution through either direct subsidy or strat...
Category : Development Studies
by Dibyendu Maiti | On 01 Mar 2018
The anxiety that technology will displace jobs on a large scale in the near future is flooding both academic and public debates, primarily in the developed world. The recent publication of a study b...
Category : Development Studies
by Sunil Mani | On 01 Dec 2017
Can Mandated Political Representation Increase Policy Influence for Disadvantaged Minorities? Theory and Evidence from India
A basic premise of representative democracy is that all those subject to policy should have a voice in its making. However, policies enacted by electorally accountable governments often fail to refle...
Category : Development Studies
by thiruppathi P | On 01 Apr 2003
Listen Up Economists, Why Might History Matter for Development Policy?
History matters, and it matters in important and interesting ways for policy  today. But it is not just actual events in the past. It is how they are recorded, interpreted,  and the interpretation...
Category : Development Studies
by Ravi Kanbur | On 22 Jul 2008
A Changed World: A Plea for New Thinking
This paper queries the rightness of the current mainstream thinking on development and technological change; expresses the apprehension that the much-feared climate change seems to have begun, and con...
Category : Development Studies
by Ramaswamy R. Iyer | On 20 Mar 2006
Economic Well-Being And Political Action
If one were to look at the process of economic development as one where individuals experience improvements in the scope of the choices that they can meaningfully exercise and are reasonably free to...
Category : Development Studies
by Neeraj Hatekar | On 12 Apr 2007
The Development Of Development Thinking
This essay examines the evolution of thinking on development and development policy, with a special focus on economic issues, in the last fifty years. In particular, it explores the interaction betwee...
Category : Development Studies
by Ravi Kanbur | On 13 Apr 2007
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