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Energy Productivity And Energy Demand: Experimental Evidence From Indian Manufacturing Plants
This paper studies a field experiment among energy-intensive Indian manufacturing plants that offered energy consulting to raise energy productivity, the amount plants can produce with e...
Category : Industry
by Nicholas Ryan | On 01 May 2018
Country Origin of Foreign Direct Investment in Indi an Manufacturing and Its Impact on Productivity of Domestic Firms
The paper investigated the productivity enhancing e ffects of FDI in Indian manufacturing firms, with a particular focus on the differences in FDI i mpact according to the county of origin of FDI....
Category : Industry
by Bishwanath Goldar | On 01 Oct 2017
Determinants of Choosing an Airline by a Traveller -An Analysis from New Zealand Perspective
The important determinants that have influence on travellers to choosing a particular airline are analysed. Data from primary and secondary sources have been used for this paper. A field survey was co...
Category : Industry
by Ershad Ali | On 12 Dec 2007
Can Firm Clusters Foster Non-Farm Jobs? Policy Issues for Rural India
The present paper argues that a comprehensive rural industrialisation/cluster development strategy has to be designed within a broader regional development perspective that does not fail to include...
Category : Industry
by Keshab Das  | On 03 Apr 2003
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